The Adventures of Lucy and Andy

Once upon a time, there were two children. They were brother and sister. The girl's name was Lucy and the boy's name was Andy. Lucy was a badly behaved girl but Andy was well behaved. Lucy loved chocolates and lollies but Andy preferred healthy food. Andy liked to play football.

One day, Lucy stole some lollies from the cupboard. When her mother asked the children what had happened to the lollies, Lucy ran from the house. Andy, who was a caring boy, went after Lucy to make sure she was safe. Andy knew that Lucy would be heading down to the creek, even though she knew she was not allowed to go there. Sure enough, he soon saw her by the edge of the water.

As Lucy was sitting by the creek, she saw something shining in the water. It was a jar and there was something inside that looked like... chocolate!! Greedy Lucy tried to reach the jar but she slipped into the water. The banks of the creek were very slippery and Lucy couldn't get out of the water because she was hanging on to the jar. Luckily, Andy got there just in time to pull her out. Instead of thanking Andy for saving her, Lucy immediately began to eat the chocolate.