Cinder Skunk


Once, Cinderella (whose age was 20) lived in a castle. Today, she was sad because she did not get what she wanted. She was in her room and then her fairy godmother came and asked,

"What would you like to wish?"

She wished that baths weren't around for 100 years. So the fairy godmother waved her wand.

In a week, Cinderella's friends started calling her Cinder Skunk.

In two weeks after that, everyone called her Super Cinder Skunk because everyone in the school's street could smell her.

In three weeks, she turned into a skunk so everyone called her Mega Cinder Skunk.

In four weeks, she was in love with another skunk.

In five weeks, Cinderella realised that he was a Prince Skunk. She said,


He loved her so they got married and lived happily ever after.


The End

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