Indy & the Monkey

Once upon a time, there was a street rat and a princess. The princess's name was Japan. She had a pet lion. He bit off knickers. The lion's name was Fuzzy.

Back to the street rat. His name was Indy (which was short for Indonesia). Indy lived in Apin Rd, Surrey Monster. The number was 6131020. Japan's real name was Jordan but she liked being called Japan. Japan was 18. Her castle was huge and it had lots of jewellery. She swam in the jewellery all the time. It was wonderful. She loved it. The palace was shiny all over and the king was delighted to see Japan so happy.

It was a nice, sunny day. Indy was put in jail because he had to steal food for his life. He was taken to the king. The king thought he was a prince. He was dressed in beautiful clothes because he told the guards he wanted to look special. He saw Japan. Japan was beautiful. She was trying her wedding dress on. It was beautiful. When she saw Indy, she asked if she could marry him. Her father said yes. When their wedding was ready, they got into their costumes and went outside. The crowd went silent and the Pope started to say the words. They kissed and they lived happily ever after.

The End

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