The Three Little Wolves

In the city lived three little wolves and also their caring mother. Their mother said sadly,

"Why don't you go and build a house? You are old enough to go away!"

The three little wolves were angry because they wanted to stay with their mother.

The oldest one Bob was seven. The middle-sized one was called Billy and he was six years old. The youngest is called Bill and he was five nearly six. When they were building a house they saw a huge mean pig. The huge mean pig yelled,

"Hi, grrr-oink! I want to eat you all up. Yum!"

The pig went to Billy's house first. He was terrified. The huge mean pig huffed and he puffed and he huffed and he puffed. But he couldn't blow the house down. He tried to blow down Billy's house. He was too tired to blow the house down, and he didn't. Bill was so scared. Now it was time to blow down Bob's house. The huge mean pig didn't have enough energy. So he knew he couldn't blow it down. The huge mean pig went home. The next day he came back with an idea. The wolves knew what it was. So they all co- operated. They put the chili sauce in the pan; they put more and more chili sauce in. When they were finished they put it under the fireplace. Bob, Billy and Bill waited. They heard a thump on the roof. They knew it was the huge mean pig. The pig came down the chimney. The huge mean pig climbed out of the hot pan as quickly as he could. The wolves were so glad that the huge mean pig was gone.

The end.

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