Sleeping Beauty


Once there was a baby. She was called Sleeping Beauty. The Queen and King were so mad to have a girl. They wanted a boy. Then a bad witch came.

"I will cast a spell on the baby. She will be killed by a bomb when she is four years old!"

Just then a good fairy appeared. She said,

"No, instead of being killed, she will sleep for 202 years."

"No, it will be 999 years!" screamed the bad witch.

"But we won't be alive then!" sobbed the parents.

"I know!" said the bad witch, "Hahaahahahahahaaaaaaa!"

But the good fairy took all the people to Fairy Land and asked all the fairies (2001 of them) to help her kill the bad witch. When they got to the bad witch's house, they found that it was rotten and disgusting. The bad witch was sad.

"I have no friends!" she cried.

"That's because you have been very mean to everyone!" said the good fairy, "That's why we took all the people to Fairy Land."

"I'll be nice now," said the bad witch, "And I'll change my name to the Good Witch."

"OK, we will bring the people back!" said the good fairy.

The End

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