Snow Princess and Sleeping Cutie

Once upon a time there lived a girl. Her name was JoJo but she was called Snow Princess. She lived with her parents, the King and Queen of America. They lived in 222 on Locust Rd, Surrey Bills, 3248, America. JoJo was 25 years old. The family lived in a giant castle full of diamonds and gold and lots of money. The next day was JoJo's birthday, she was turning 26. She was going to have a royal party. Sometimes her Mum and Dad invited people she didn't know.

It was her party and she saw this really cool guy. She went up to him and said,

"Hi! I am JoJo and it is my party today. I am turning 26."

"Hi! I am Timon Cuty but my Mum and Dad call me Sleeping Cuty because when I sleep I usually laugh!" Then JoJo giggled a little bit. They kissed and got married.

The next day, she had five children.


The End

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