Snow White and the Seven Lollies


Once upon a time there was a 10-year-old girl. Her father, King White was trying to find another queen.He found a very ugly queen. When the new queen saw Snow White the queen said to her,

"You need some money."

The queen was very kind. Queen White gave some money to Snow White. Snow White bought seven lollies. The queen got one, the king got one, Snow White got one and even her little brother got one. There were three left. So snow white had another one and so did the queen. The next day the family was rich! Snow White bought a puppy. The puppy's name was Bella. The Queen bought Snow White a big bed. The next morning Snow White woke up first.

"Where's Bella?" she screamed. Bella was lost.

"I'll look in the kennel," said her brother.

"I'll look in all the bedrooms," said the queen.

"I'll look in the bath room," said the king.

"And I'll look in the kitchen," said Snow White.

Bella was under Snow White's bed. Snow White cuddled Bella so much.


The End

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