Sarah's New Bike

On the 17th of August, it was Sarah's 7th birthday. She got a shiny red bike.

"Thank you, Mummy! Thank you, Daddy!"

"That's OK!"

The next day, she rode her bike to school. She had a bright red helmet to match her bike. When she got to school, a big, mean boy liked her bike. He wanted the bike. He shouted,

"Hand over that bike of yours!"

"No!" replied Sarah.

"Then I will be really mean to you!"

Sarah gave her bike to him. He said,

"And the helmet!"

"You don't need it."

He said,


He fell off the bike and went to hospital. While he was there, Sarah took the bike. Her parents were really happy.

The End.


Yellow Hat:

They are easy to ride. It is safe if you wear a helmet. They have pedals. They have wheels.

Black Hat:

You can fall off if you hit a bump. You can damage your brain if you don't wear your helmet. They cost quite a lot of money.

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