I can hear cars zooming past me.

I can see cars coming out of the driveways.

I can feel cars when I touch them.

I can touch cars when they are not moving.


Ella Gets a Car

On a Sunday morning, Ella was turning 18. She was going to get a car. She went to the car sale with her Dad. Ella didn't like some cars. She chose a bug. It was magic. Ella and Tom, her Dad, named the bug "Herbie". Ella went for a test drive. It drove by itself. Ella was SO surprised. When she came back, she told Tom. Tom said,

"That is amazing!"

"But it was scary!" Ella said.


Yellow Hat:

A good thing about cars is that they are quicker than walking. They have seat belts. Some cars don't have airbags so children can go in the front. Some cars have a lot of seats. It is good going somewhere that you like. Cars can have a TV in them. It's good to be able to take stuff with you. It is fun to go to sleep in a car (as long as you are not driving it!).

Black Hat:

A bad thing about cars is that you can crash. You could get car sick. You can get lap belts which are not very safe. Some cars have air bags and that means children can't sit in the front. You can get car sick if you read. Sometimes, when you want to talk to someone, they are asleep. It is bad when the engine breaks down. Sometimes, cars won't start.

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