Traffic Lights

The Traffic Light with Eyes

There were three boys who drew on a traffic light. They drew three spots on it. When everyone passed it, they got really scared because they thought it had eyes. Nobody wanted to go near it.

One day, there was a baby and her Mum walking by the traffic light. When the baby's Mum saw it, she got scared but the baby didn't like this so he climbed up the traffic light and touched the light. The black spots came off and no one was ever scared of the traffic light again.

Traffic Light Facts:

Traffic lights are used with electricity.

Green lights mean go, yellow lights mean stop if it is safe, and red means stop.



What colour means stop?

(Highlight the space between the A's to see the answer)

A: red :A


Yellow Hat:

Traffic lights help people and cars. If there were no traffic lights, lots of cars would crash and lots of people would be run over.


Black Hat:

Some cars go through red lights and some people go through red lights. Some people don't use traffic lights. Sometimes, traffic lights break.


Acrostic Poem:








What colour means go?

A: Green :A


What colour means stop if it is safe?

A: Yellow :A

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