The Limo

Once upon a time, there was a Limo. Every other car liked her. She was popular. Nearly every boy limo liked her. But there was a problem. She didn't know who to love so she decided to talk to her Mum because her Mum had been married to her Dad. Her Mum was also a popular girl when she was little. Her Mum told her that the one that was black and just a little longer than you would be the right one to marry. So she decided to make a measurement contest. She would marry whichever limo was just a little longer than her. All the boys in the town came. she measured each one. Some of them were smaller and some of them were longer. The one that was just a little longer than her was James. He was a very nice guy and popular with the girls. They got married. They were both happy and they had a little girl called Emily.

The End.

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