Penny Farthing

Lucy and her Penny Farthing

On Lucy's birthday. She found a huge present. It had a really huge part and a really small part. She opened it. It was a Penny Farthing! Lucy took her Penny Farthing everywhere, including school. It was like a person to Lucy. She took it into her classroom.

One day, Lucy's teacher, Miss Apple, had had enough of Lucy's Penny Farthing. She said,

"Lucy, do not bring your Penny Farthing tomorrow!"

Lucy asked,


"Because I have had enough of it."

Lucy rode home on her Penny Farthing and started crying. When Mum went up to pick her up from school, she saw that Lucy was not there. The teacher said that Lucy had gone home at 12:00 with her Penny Farthing.

"Why?" asked Lucy's Mum.

"Because I told her that I didn't want her to bring her Penny Farthing tomorrow."


"Because I have had enough of it."

Lucy's Mum went home. She said,

"Lucy, just because your teacher told you that you can't take your Penny Farthing to school does not mean you can run home!"

In her bedroom, Lucy and her Mum had a private talk. After the talk, Lucy went to school without her Penny Farthing anymore but she got to ride it everyday after school.

The End

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