A Story

One day, the fastest plane in the world had to beat the time record to China. The first thing they did was to get the plane prepared. Then it flew and it went to 2025 kilometres an hour. There were judges from the Guiness Book of Records and other passengers on the plane. But there was another plane coming towards the fastest plane. Luckily, they both turned and they did not crash. The pilots of the planes were friends. They said to each other,

"Watch out next time!" The pilot of the other plane came on the monitor. He said,

"You are in danger from other planes with bombs. They are heading towards you. It will be like World War II. Have you got that?"

Suddenly, it seemed like there were 1099 planes and there were bombs everywhere. The pilot decided to try to trick the enemny pilots. He talked on the radio,

"You must land, there are bombs everywhere!"

His trick worked, all the other planes landed and he could continue his trip. Suddenly, he saw an army plane trying to bomb him. The plane dropped a bomb but the wind was so strong that the bomb missed the plane. Then the pilot realised why he was being bombed. The other pilots did not want him to beat the record. So, even though he broke the record, he never got anything for doing it.

The End


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