The Friends of Anglican Music Inc.

The Friends of Anglican Music is an incorporated association (A0034755G) whose statement of purpose is
"The preservation and promotion of Anglican Church Music"

The Friends of Anglican Music Inc (FOAM) is an organisation founded in 1996 for the purpose of singing music that is peculiarly Anglican. FOAM has not been established to compete with the Royal School of Church Music. Rather, it supplements the RSCM's function by providing a purely Anglican area of operation. Neither has FOAM been established to agitate for the wholesale restoration of the The Book of Common Prayer services. Its purpose is akin to that of Remembrance Day - Lest We Forget.

We enjoy the membership of people who remember, people who find it difficult to remember and those who have never sung a Book of Common Prayer service.

FOAM meets four Saturdays a year for worship. Usually, there is a rehearsal at 1:45pm followed by Evensong at 4:00pm but check below for specific occasions.

Annual Membership of FOAM is:
Single: AU$10
Family: AU$15
Pensioner/Student: AU$6

Further information can be obtained from the Secretary.

Next Meeting:

 Saturday, August 27th at St Faith's Burwood/Glen Iris

Rehearsal at 2:00pm

Evensong at 4:00pm

to be followed by High Tea

and the
Annual General Meeting


Canticles:  Morley Faux Bourdons (Tone viii) Score, Listen Magnificat, Listen Nunc Dimittis


Psalm 97 (Chant: Smart in D) Score


Responses: Ferial


Introit: Walford Davies - God be in my head Score Listen


Anthem: Ouseley: From the Rising of the Sun Score Listen



Praise to the Lord the Almighty (Tune: Lobe den herren) Score Listen

Blest are the Pure in Heart Tune (Tune: Franconia) Score Listen

Who are These Like Stars Appearing (Tune: All Saints) Score Listen

The Day Thou Gavest (Tune: St Clement) Score Listen



Members of FOAM at the 20th Anniversary Evensong, 26th November, 2016, at Holy Trinity, Surrey Hills

Be filled with the Spirit, as you sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs among yourselves, singing and making melody to the Lord in your hearts, giving thanks to God the Father at all times and for everything in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Ephesians 5:18-20)