20th December, 2004


Dear Friends,

It feels like I am writing this letter somewhere around May but, unbelievably, it is almost Christmas again. Everyone seems to be saying the same thing: a year is not a year any more, a month is not a month, a week is not a week and even a day seems to fly! We all live our lives at such a speed these days and it is even more important to "stop and smell the roses" from time to time.

This year has been a great year for me. Christmas was a happy time spent with good friends. During the rest of the holidays, I spent time with Jenny and Darryl at Ocean Grove and relaxing at home. Highlights of the holiday were a trip on the ferry over to Queenscliff for a day and a visit to Anakie Fairy Park. Lynne's and Linton's children, Emily and Benjamin, were at a perfect age to visit this park which includes models of a selection of fairy stories and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit despite the unseasonably cold and inclement weather.

Towards the end of last year I made the decision to return to full-time work. I had hoped to gain a position at Presbyterian Ladies' College as the Computer Teacher but this was not to be. So, it was with some trepidation (considering the unhappiness I had experienced which caused me to take leave without pay in 2002) that I returned to Chatham Primary School. As it turned out, my fears were completely unwarranted. I sensed a change in the morale of the staff as soon as I entered on the first day. The Principal was most supportive and I was given a lovely group of Grade 2 children to teach. The two other Grade 2 teachers were wonderful to work with and all was well. Even now, I do not know what caused the turn around in the Principal's attitude to me but, whatever it was, I am very thankful for it!

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